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Floor Paint
  • water. Unfortunately, this water that is absorbed into the concrete must evaporate. That wonderful epoxy seal suddenly becomes its own worst enemy. It's a dual edged sword: it will keep the moisture in just as it keeps moisture out. As the water rises through the concrete, it begins to create bubbles

    under the garage floor paint. As the bubbles expand, they will eventually burst, causing the dreaded epoxy paint peeling. Epoxy Garage Floor Paint: Killed By Humidity? There are a few different factors that are area related that can cause this peeling effect. Overall humidity can play a large part.

    If the area is humid, then everything stays a bit damp, including the ground and any untreated wood that the garage is made of. Concrete will slowly absorb moisture from both of these sources. The situation will be multiplied dramatically if water is able to pool against the concrete in any place.

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