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Eco-Friendly Countertops So Good
  • One of the most important facets of your kitchen is one that is sometimes overlooked: countertops. Sure, granite is all the rage these days for reasons that escape the imagination. Rather than follow the other lemmings off the granite cliff, why not set your own standard of chic and be eco friendly at the same time?

    There are a number of materials available these days to help you do just that. Here are some options:

    Recycled glass countertops uses ?you guessed it ?recycled glass mixed into a base of cement, resin, or concrete. Colored glass or blended stains can give you just the look youe seeking. In terms of eco points, not only is the glass used in the construction is diverted from spending eternity in a landfill, but some of the cements used incorporate fly-ash which is a landfill-bound waste product of coal burning.

    End-grain bamboo, and bamboo in general, is a great substitute for wood. Over the past few years, wee seen bamboo flooring and cabinetry come more into fashion both for its good looks and its renewability. As a grass, bamboo grows a lot faster than an oak tree does. In terms of countertops, end-grain bamboo is beautiful and resilient, giving an earthy feel to your kitchen. Another bonus is that the off-gassing of the glues used is minimal.

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