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  • Industrial revolution had started in the middle of 19th century and emission of harmful gasses like carbon dioxide and nitrogen has also increased in the atmosphere with the continuous use of fossil fuel and the smoke released from the factories or adding the pollutants to the eco system. The increase of harmful gasses in the atmosphere causing harmful affects in the atmosphere such as climate change, acid rain various diseases increasing the mortality rates. Environment articles and Environment news published time to time concluded the specific reasons
    Released which is the result of various lawsuits of the national groups. Environment articles reveal the fact that the communities facing pollution issues and the industry representatives are also cautiously careful about the fact that the amount of these pollutants that scan, be released. Scientists may now able to explain one of the key events about how East Africa got drier, with forests giving way to grasslands, arrival of a warm or cool difference along the equator in the ecosystem could have triggered the change.
    But despite of raft of theories the scientists haven been able to explain the occasional catastrophic wipe outs. Environmental protection agency have concluded that specific knowledge gaps can prevent experts from assessing bio fuels and have the effects on human beings as oil prices are really looking up also having the toxic affect to the community. a long road for the environmental groups have been ended by finding solutions in the debris from the hydraulic acids too.
    Were you aware of the fact that the energy produced, delivers and dispose of junk product emitting more greenhouse emissions? When we discuss about green house emission regarding global warming, referencing the earth our entire planet becomes the interior of an automobile in the sweltering heat of summer. Among the repercussions of global climate, change the effect of acidification on marine life is one of the least understood variables and the heatwave caused by a combination of manmade and natural factors. Effects of global warming are becoming the manifesto of themselves and if it is ignored and allowed to prosper it can be a real threat to life.
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