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disadvantages with conventional construction materials
  • bearing capacity for the specific application. Third, such structural panels require a long time for creation and erection because they are typically built and installed on site. Put on your safety glasses, particulate respirator and leather gloves.Stretch the tape measure along the somekeyword and place a mark along one edge of the FRP panel with the

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    carpenter's pencil at the length you need to cut. Repeat the process to place a corresponding mark on the opposite edge of the FRP sheet. To accommodate some of the disadvantages with conventional construction materials, the prior art includes fiber reinforced polymer ( FRP) composite materials made with a honeycomb core and an outer skin.

    In addition, panels made of conventional FRP composite materials have lineal profiles mainly reinforced with continuous fibers in the axial direction. There are several disadvantages associated with using such conventional FRP materials in structural panels. First, although conventional FRP composite materials are lightweight, they lack the

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