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  • First Steps to Becoming a Successful Garden Design Career One of the first things that many potential garden design students will ask themselves is what's the potential for a career in garden design? It's an important question to ask because, like with any new career, you need to be absolutely sure that you're heading in the right direction. But whilst

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    you may get the support of your family and friends when you start a garden design course by the time you've graduated they might be so used to your new direction that you're faced with a lot of choices on your own. So what are these garden design career choices? First and foremost the majority of students aim to be setting up their own businesses if

    not straightaway then within a year or two of graduating. For many this can be a daunting task but a good design course will already be setting you up with both the tools and the contacts to hit the ground running. If you're setting up your business as soon as you graduate then look around to see if there are any people who might help mentor you. The

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