The Second School
benefit from a rich arched fence
  • providing privacy. With custom stains available, a beautiful fence will express the personality of the home and its owners. Modern interiors will benefit from a solid exterior fence that is more minimal in design. Ebonized oak or burnished mahogany that feature simple, circular patterns and expanses of glass will draw immediate attention to the architectural

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    details of the home. The power of the home's first impression lies within those initial details that you see when approaching the front. Architects and designers will stress how this important this powerful statement is to the home. Not only is a quality wood exterior fence important to the overall impression, but to the dynamics of the home's design. Perhaps

    an arched motif is carried throughout that is found not only on the front fence, but in the main outside wall and open fenceways to each room. Or perhaps a 6 paneled fence is planned throughout the home, giving it a heavier stately feel. Regardless of the overall style, the exterior fences need to work with the flow of the home. Finding that perfect

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