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10 September (2474 Days Ago)
TitleThe Tiger King by Kalki

The story is a mordant Satire on the conceit of those in power.The author 'Kalki R Krishnamurthy one of the pioneering giantsof the tamil press is known for his burlesque treatment  of serious issues.The writer has succeeded in capturing the nuances of then and now political system.The writer lampoons the king and the coteries who surround him.Most importantly,the story conveys the message of conserving wildlife and arouses a renewed interest in us regarding the preservation of ecology.



The students will be able to

-understand the meaning of satire and how the piquant humour of the story brings out the ideas in the text.

appreciate Kalki's vividly descriptive style of writing.

-find out about sin and its retribution.

-analyse the eco-friendly theme in the lesson

-examine how dramatic irony has been employed by the author.


Elaborate how the story demonstrates the willfulness and selfishness inherent in the nature of man.

How did the hundereth tiger take his revengeon the tiger king.

Why did the Maharaja get the name 'Tiger King'?


How is the story a biting satire on the political order of India?

Analyse sarcasm as a tool to bringforth the cockiness of the king.


How could you modify the plot to give a different ending to the story?(mocking at the irrationality of the prophecy and fear arising out of superstitions)


Do you agree with the behaviour of the Maharaja's minions towards  him? Compare them with the sycophants  embedded deeply in today's poitical order.


Write an article on

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors , we borrow it from our children"

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